Rather than relying on the sacrifice of comfort to be ecologically responsible to address rising fuel costs and diminished availability world wide, the Enertia design combines time honored timber construction, new time based science, and ancient principles of home building. 

Our building system replaces framing, siding, insulation and sheet rock with solid, Energy Engineered™ wood walls. These solid wood walls create an outer shell and an inner shell. The space between these two walls is used for continual circulation of air warmed in the sun space or air cooled by the geothermal connection, creating a mini biosphere.


In the winter, solar heated air gathered in the sunspace circulates and heat is stored in the massive wood walls. In the evening, when the sun has set, the solid timber walls radiate the heat they have stored, warming the occupants of the home. Additionally, the convection air flow in the outer shell moves warm air away from the sunspace, the area most likely to lose heat at night because of the large amount of glass, evenly distributing the warmth through the envelope and the home.

In the summer, Enertia homes rely on the geothermal factor, earth coupling. Below the first few feet, the earth remains consistently between 50-55 ºF. Combined with the thermal chimney effect, cool air is drawn in from the ground floor as hot air escapes through carefully placed roof vents connected to the sunspace. Roof overhangs engineered to shade the sunroom from the direct rays of a high summer sun, along with the thermal chimney effect will keep your sunroom from over heating and make it a place of year round enjoyment.