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Award-Winning Design. Renewable Mass Timber.

In winter, solar-heated air from a sunroom circulates through the timber walls and at night is evenly distributed through convection within the envelope. In summer, Enertia homes use earth coupling for cooling; drawing in cool air from the ground floor and expelling hot air through roof vents. For additional efficiency, roof overhangs and a thermal chimney effect prevent overheating and provide a year-round enjoyable sunspace in every home design.

Rather than compromising on comfort to achieve ecological responsibility in the face of rising fuel costs and limited resources worldwide, our Enertia design brings to the market a modern home that relies on a fusion of time-honored timber construction, cutting-edge science, and the ancient principles of home building to provide inhabitants with a sustainable living solution both climate-friendly and capable of meeting a variety of lifestyle needs. 

Our building system offers an innovative alternative to conventional framing, siding, insulation, and sheet rock. We use solid, laminated Southern Yellow Pine logs that create both an outer and inner shell. This envelope between these two walls serves as a continuous channel for air to circulate, which is heated by the sun or cooled by geothermal connection. This creates a self-contained micro-environment.

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"This morning it was -4° outside and inside [the main living area] it was 66°, including the cellar. Right now it is clear and sunny, 2° outside. The sun space is 76° and the south, interior log wall, French doors, and all of the interior windows are open. We have a couple of ceiling fans running."

Jack & Ruthie, New Hampshire, Arcadia


In the 1970s, a major oil crisis highlighted the risks of relying on non-renewable energy, causing widespread fear about fuel shortages and energy availability. Rolling brown-outs, gas lines, and rationing became commonplace, leading to a growing interest in alternative energy sources. It was during this "solar age" that Michael Sykes, a young builder, developed the Enertia method of home building; inspired by the need for more sustainable and energy-efficient housing solutions that didn't sacrifice quality.


Our Story.

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