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Frequently Asked Questions

Can any house be an Enertia home? 

Enertia homes do have fixed requirements such as window area, wall thickness and mass, length and volume of airflow and home orientation. But otherwise, this remarkable system is very flexible. All of these requirements fit easily into many architectural designs, either announcing or concealing the fact that you have a 21st century geothermal home. 

We have pre-engineered home plans which we adapt for your homesite by specifying glass, insulation levels, options and radiant barriers for best performance in your area. Don't see a plan that meets your needs? Nearly half of our production is customer design work from client sketches or architects' plans. We love homes and offices of all shapes, finishes, colors and styles. That's why Enertia is a building system that can be incorporated in many architectural styles. Whatever plan you choose or design, it will receive custom modifications for your location and preferences. We want to help you create the energy independent home of your dreams.

What do I get in a kit?

Enertia homes are sold as pre-cut, numbered kits. Each kit is a structural package which includes the timbers for the exterior walls and the two interior walls, (Energy Walls) which form the envelope, as well as the flashing, gaskets and fasteners to put the structure together. Also included are the beams for the upstairs floor system and the rafters for the roof structure. Doors, windows and SIPs roof panels are sold separately through our association with Anderson Windows and Eagle Panel System. We do not include flooring, roofing, interior framing, and other materials that are better purchased at your local supply center.

How much will this cost?

We don't price our homes by the square foot, but by the amount of timber and intricacy in design for each home. As lumber costs vary, so does the cost of each house kit. Home prices are adjusted annually in response to NASDAQ lumber futures. Securing your home price often results in huge savings as lumber prices increase at a steady rate. 

The total finished price of your home will depend on your taste in finishing materials, labor and materials cost in your area and how much (if any) work you do yourselves. Expect your total home cost to be roughly two to three times the cost of the kit cost. Specific site costs such as land purchase, driveways and roads, well drilling etc. are not included in the estimate. Our kits currently start at $240,000. Homes are shipped via tractor trailer from our Youngsville, NC manufacturing plant to your site.

Delivery is free for homes built in North Carolina*. Our team is available to discuss your plans and pricing, just reach out to get the conversation started!

*NC sales tax must be paid on homes built in North Carolina

Can I make changes to standard plans?

If we are able to determine that these changes are structurally feasible, we handle the cost of these changes with a flat fee to cover the cost of drafting time, materials and labor. Major changes, involving stairways, change of footprint, or sunspace wall location will usually move the home into the custom category.

Blueprint fees for standard models are 10%, this fee will appear as a credit toward the purchase price of the home. Standard blue prints include site and climate specific modifications and detailing. Custom home design and and blue print fees will be estimated based on complexity of design and will not be applied to the purchase price of the home.

How long will it take to get my kit?

Your home is a big deal to us, we are a multigenerational family business and we take great pride in what we do! Each home is handmade, an original, just for you. We have a limited number of production spots each year. Depending on where you are in the queue we estimate delivery within 3-12 months from the time the order is placed. Most homeowners appreciate this time to do site preparations and get their foundations ready to build.

Will you work with my builder?

We will provide your builder with step by step instructions and support for the assembly of your Enertia home. Support is available throughout the process as questions arise specific to your Enertia home. Additionally, in many cases, we can send a representative to your job site to assist in starting the process for an additional fee.

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