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How It Works 

Enertia homes distinguish themselves from standard log homes in three major ways: by using laminated mass timbers for durability, incorporating uniquely designed sunspaces optimized to generate heat and support summer cooling, and utilizing an envelope design that circulates air from the sunspace and basement around the home through convection. These three elements work together to create a house that not only boasts exceptional energy efficiency but also provides an all-natural way of regulating temperature in the home with minimal use of a forced air system. The result is a comfortable and quiet space capable of achieving energy independence even in the coldest of temperatures, and built like a fortress with the strongest and most sustainable building material available on the market today.

"This morning it was -4° outside and inside [the main living area] it was 66°, including the cellar. Right now it is clear and sunny, 2° outside. The sun space is 76° and the south, interior log wall, French doors, and all of the interior windows are open. We have a couple of ceiling fans running."

Jack & Ruthie, New Hampshire, Arcadia

Incredible Heat Efficiency. 

Fight Against High Summer Temps.

Enertia homes are designed to provide a comfortable living environment throughout the year, including the summer months. The first line of defense against high temperatures are the overhangs, which are designed to block direct sunlight during the peak of summer. Additionally, carefully placed vents in the sunspace and attic allow warm air to escape, while cooler air from the geothermally-cooled basement surface is drawn into the convection loop. These combined elements work together seamlessly to create a comfortable and energy-efficient home that supports cool temperatures throughout the summer season.

In winter, the sunspace accumulates solar-heated air that circulates and heats the massive wood walls. At night, the walls release the stored heat, warming the home's occupants. Additionally, the air flowing through the outer shell distributes warmth uniformly across the home by moving warm air away from the sunspace, which tends to lose heat due to the large amount of glass.

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Owner Interviews

Please find below interviews with owners of Meridian, Arcadia, and Brandywine models, who have completed their homes in unique ways, showcasing the diverse finishing options available. We are excited to collaborate with you and offer our finishing packages to assist in creating a personalized and distinctive look for your custom Enertia home.

Through the Years.

For the past 30 years, Enertia has been building sustainable and off-grid homes for families across the USA. Below you'll find some pictures of our original models; a few built by the homeowners themselves!

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