Many climate change solutions seem to involve sacrifice: drive less, eat less, give up coffee, build smaller homes, and use less toilet paper! The Enertia solution provides a higher quality of life for you and future generations without the typical sacrifices required for sustainable living. Leave your door open while bringing in the groceries during winter, your Enertia home stores heat in the structure, not the air.

Love the heat but feel guilty about turning up the thermostat? Step into your radiant sunroom to soak up the warmth, go ahead, it’s free! While enjoying the benefits of living beautifully and comfortably you will become a significant part of the solution to a world-wide environmental crisis.


A single Enertia home can sequester up to 200,000 pounds of carbon. The mass timber used to build our homes lock-up, or “sequester” carbon. Removing carbon from the atmosphere and environment is one of the most promising ways to repair the damage from past inefficient burning of fossil fuels.


In the lifetime of our Legacy model home, built in a climate like Minnesota, the self-heating home will prevent the release of up to 8 millions pounds of CO2. The regrowth of planted timber in that time frame will absorb another 100 million pounds. In addition to sequestering carbon, our self heating homes decrease our dependency on fossil fuels and reduce the environmental damage done in the production and transmission of traditional fuel sources.



Climate shifts are occurring and historically inevitable. Enertia homes are prepared to protect you whatever the future holds. For global warming, you can operate your home in the cooling mode more frequently. Alternatively, if global cooling were to occur, you can shift it to the warming mode. Our homes are designed to protect our environment, but also to protect you and your family.


The entire Enertia kit is made from renewable material. The increased CO2 in the atmosphere makes our 100% renewable material, Southern Yellow Pine, grow faster. Right now the board-feet of SYP used in one of our houses regrows in less than 28 seconds. The forest products industry replants at a rate of 4/1, so we are in no danger of running out! These trees will convert even more CO2 into oxygen by photosynthesis. Not only is wood renewable, but very little energy is needed to process it, dramatically less than steel, plastics, or brick. This lowers pollution in the manufacture of the house, as well as in the operation of it. 



In the United States, a major source of pollution comes from storm damage to our homes. In many places, you can still see mountains of sheetrock beside rural side roads with yellow and pink fiberglass stuck to the trees from houses gutted after hurricanes and tornadoes. As for what went into the ocean, it has since sunk to the bottom and may be ingested by fish and sea life. The new plastic house wrap, used to make conventional homes air-tight, is among the biggest culprits. At Enertia, we've designed our base model home to stand against winds up to 140 mph, while our upgraded models can resist up to 300 mph. These are not homes that will easily result in storm pollution.



While environmentally responsible choices serve to protect the planet we all share, they also lead to a beautiful life now and for future generations.  Many of our grandparents tell stories of families that gathered on front porches to enjoy a cool night breeze, or opened windows for a spring or fall cross breeze to fill the home with the scents of the season. They planted gardens and enjoyed the landscapes that surrounded their homes. They were connected to the earth they call home, and they felt alive. 


Whether your motivation is to lead your children and their children in a beautiful, sustainable way of life or to be at the forefront of a movement away from industrialized living and environmental folly, Enertia delivers. Take a look at our Advantages page to learn more about how Enertia homes deliver even more than energy independence; we want to partner with you to create beautiful living.