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The nations electric grids were tested last week. Did they pass?

In this time of environmental, political and social instability, emergency preparedness has never been so important. According to reports from NASA, “A powerful Arctic cold front battered the Midwest and eastern U.S. in late-December 2022. The storm brought blizzard conditions to some areas, life-threatening cold to others, and daunting amounts of lake-effect snow. As winds howled and snow piled up from what some forecasters called a “once-in-a-generation” storm, so did the traffic accidents, power outages and transportation woes.—

Cloud streets over Lake Michigan hint at the powerful winds that accompanied the deadly storm. Gusts surged as high as 79 miles (127 kilometers) per hour in Lackawanna, New York. In several other states, winds topped 50 miles per hour, according to data from the National Weather Service.”

The nation's electrical grids were tested over the last week. Did they pass? Most did, but for those in areas of black out and rolling black out, the pain and fear are real. Much is being done to make our nations grid more reliable, and many of us will be privileged to play a part in the solution.

Our hearts are with all those that have suffered through this crippling freeze The pain and loss that many have suffered is beyond measure. It is with great humility that we would like to remind those of you that might be considering an Enertia Home, that in a complete black out, Enertia Homes can not only keep you and your family warm, even in below zero temps and high winds, but you can offer your home as a shelter to friends and family that may need protection in a storm. The combined power of the earth and the sun cannot go off-grid. In addition, every home built that can heat and cool itself will take pressure off the grid. Anything we can do to lighten the load and provide for others makes a difference. Best wishes for a warm and safe winter from the Enertia family.


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